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Roadside Assistance Package

The Club Evolution roadside assistance package is designed to give more when you need it most and free of charge when you have your vehicle service. Every time you have your vehicle serviced with us you can rely on fully trained technicians that listen and care about your vehicle.

When servicing we issue complimentary six (6) months free roadside assistance so you can count on us while on every journey.

The member benefits stated below are available to members with a valid membership number, members are entitled to two (2) callouts per six-month membership, the membership is valid for use three (3) business days from date of issue please go to the “terms and conditions” page of this website to ensure you aware of terms of use.


In the unfortunate event your vehicle breaks down and requires transportation, Club Evolution will tow the vehicle up to the value of $80.00 including GST back to the issuing repairer. Any extra subsequent km’s over and above the stated allowance is at the cost of the registered driver.



Club Evolution will send a provider to quickly jump start your vehicle to get you on your way. The call out fee is to the total up to $80.00 including GST.

Battery Replacement

If your battery is faulty, we can offer a battery replacement service on the spot to the value of up to $80.00 including GST, the battery is at the cost of the registered driver


Flat Tyre

Club Evolution will change your vehicles flat tyre and replace with your serviceable spare. A callout is the value of up to $80.00 including GST.



Club Evolution covers lockout assistance up to $80.00 including GST.


Emergency Fuel

In the event you happen to run out fuel, Club Evolution will deliver emergency fuel to get you on your way callout is to the value of up to $80.00 including GST, fuel is at the cost of the registered driver.



Emergency Accommodation

In the event, you have broken down and you are more than 100km from home and the vehicle is rendered undrivable for more than 48 hours we will assist with emergency accommodation for up to two nights to the total value of $80.00 including GST per night (room rate only).


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